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Mobile Education Is The Way Of The Future

For a nation to develop economically, education plays a very crucial role. The traditional means of providing education is where the students and teachers sit in the class and interact face-to-face with one another. The learning in this particular form takes the shape of group based learning wherein the teacher plays the crucial role. For students, their presence in the class and their participation in the group discussions are a part of the curriculum of the institution. The role of the teacher is not only of fulfilling the classroom schedules but also to assess and prepare the course materials.

Though there are many challenges, still the traditional means of offering education provides a unique opportunity to both teachers as well as students to communicate with their friends. As some of the children fail to go to the school because they are physically handicapped or live very far off from the school, they depend on other forms of education that reach a large target market. The challenges of the traditional methods are met by other teaching and learning forms like e-Learning and mobile learning.

Mobile education helps students gain knowledge and to attend the lectures at their own pace irrespective of their personal problems. In certain countries, mobile networks fail to offer adequate bandwidth and varied services can help in future mobile learning like transmission of high-quality graphics and live videoconferencing. The success of providing mobile education is entirely dependent on the growth of new generation networks and success of mobile devices that would be helpful in infiltrating the market in the near future.

There are many things that have to be improved in order to support mobile learning. The usability features like small size of the screen, higher expense to transfer data and bandwidth limitations are certain shortcomings of the mobile devices and due to these factors its usage is still very limited. The use of the mobile phones as a mobile learning tool is surrounded by these challenges. But these challenges are being taken care of gradually. The changes have been brought in the shape of the hybrid phones, PDA and smart phone technology that are aptly supporting the mobile learning today.

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